The central Office for Equal Opportunities

box5Among European countries, Italy is one of the most affected by the phenomenon of trafficking in human beings. As a consequence, it has adopted a very advanced system of interventions, that has a double objective: contrasting criminal organizations on the one hand, and proving adequate protection to trafficked people on the other, It follows an approach based om the centrality of the individual and the protection of human rights of the victims.

On this basis, and also due to its gender characterization, trafficking in human beings is managed by a net of services coordinated by the central Office for Equal Opportunities. This ministerial office guarantees the coordination for domestic operations on the prevention and contrasting of human trafficking, as well as for the assistance and social re-integration of victims..

The Department also performs a number of activities – both domestic and international – aiming at raising awareness on various issues related to trafficking, promoting legislative interventions, spreading good practices and transnational and inter-institutional related cooperation.