Trafficking Observatory Project

box2It is in an extremely complex phenomenon and in continuous evolution, it is therefore necessary to create adequate tools for observation and monitoring which will be able to provide an updated and detailed study in order to support the definition of policies and to contribute to the planning of targeted interventions responses to be put in place

Among the principal objectives of the Department, there is the creation of a computerized central database able to carry out elaboration in due time, will also be an advanced tool in Europe crucial for the detection of early signs of evolution of the phenomenon of trafficking.

The elaboration and implementation of this database will allow effective analysis on the question and will also response to the interventions in their many facets. It will definitely be a big step towards the acquisition of cultural quality for information and monitoring of the phenomenon, indispensable for an effective policy to combat trafficking in human beings.

The new data collection system SIRIT (Computerized System for the collection of information) will be supported by institutional holders / project implementing on social assistance and protection of victims of trafficking and exploitation, co-financed by the DPO according to art. 18 d.lgs_286-98 and article 13 Legge_228-2003.